New construction in my neighborhood. Prices start at $3 million -_-

New construction in my neighborhood. Prices start at $3 million -_-


Frog Effigy Pendant from northwestern Colombia. Dates from AD 900.

Courtesy & currently located at the Walters Art Museum, via their online collections. Accession number: 2009.20.78.

Anonymous asked: Wouldn't you have a better chance at owning a detached house sooner and with less crimp on your budget if you moved to Syracuse? Seems to be the opposite end of the housing cost scale from the west coast.


Anonymous asked: Will you and Teddy be able to transfer jobs or will you need to switch companies when you move? Did you ever consider California/somewhere less rainy?

We’re still working on job plans for when we move. I will probably get a new job — hopefully one that covers relocation costs — but I’ll want to stay with my current company in some capacity.

I could see myself living in California someday. I haven’t seen much of it. I went to SF once, and it was fine, but I thought Seattle was actually everything people told me SF would be, and SF itself didn’t really draw me in. Plus it’s just too expensive. I could never afford to own a home there., and I really want a (detached, single family) house of my own some time within the next 8-10 years.

Rainy/cloudy weather is actually my favorite weather. Climate is one of the reasons I want to move west. I grew up in Syracuse, NY which technically gets even less sun than Seattle, and the cloudiness there never bothered me, so I think I’ll do ok.

Since a couple people have asked: We’re planning to move to Seattle next year. Seattle has sort of been on my mind my whole life, everything about New York is terrible to me and it’s giving me chronic irritability, and Teddy has always wanted to move out west. When we went to Seattle last year we just fell in love with the place. I’m very 50/50 excited/terrified but I think it’s the right choice right now.